Thank You

I am grateful for the work I am able to do and the amazing people I meet along the way! ~ Antje

“Thank you so much for last week’s reading! I can’t tell you how comforted and inspired I feel by the reading you shared and the insights and messages you conveyed. I’m so grateful to have found you and for your gift.”

Jean D., Client

“I went to see Antje for an energy work session because I had been feeling stuck and increasingly worried about an upcoming event in my life. I also just had eye surgery and I knew that was having a negative effect on my recovery.

I needed a breakthrough to help me over these hurdles to allow healing and important changes. I had energy work with Antje before and that helped me through another intense block in my life. She was the first person I thought of when I decided to move forward with my healing again.

My session was very intense in the best way. I experienced relaxation and immediate sensations of lightness, like tons of weight lifted off my shoulders.

We went over everything that was worked on in the session and the path forward for continued healing. It was amazing to share how the experience was from my perspective after Antje shared her insights on my session.

I was shocked to realize I could see perfectly out of both eyes after my session. I had blurry vision before and almost no visibility out of my right eye, after PRK surgery 3 weeks prior. I was starting to lose faith that it would improve but my faith is restored and I’ve experienced steadily improving vision daily since my session.

I’m happy to report that I have been able to tackle a box of items I haven’t been able to touch since my father passed in 2003. It ended up being a beautiful and freeing experience instead of the painful one I was afraid of before my session.

These are just a couple huge steps on my journey towards important life changes. I’m extremely grateful I was led to Antje for help again. I highly recommend her services. Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves but it’s truly important to make the time for this. The benefits extend to everyone we touch on our path.”

Johanna, Client

“My experience with Antje was very positive. I loved everything about it. She is a very intelligent as well as gifted. I found Antje to be “The Real Deal”. I started to attend her Sacred Space meditations a couple of months ago..and had such amazing experiences that have helped me to look at things differently..and begin to heal. I decided to make an appointment to have some energy work done…and it was more than I had hoped for. I could feel her moving the energy through my body. A nagging shoulder injury was pretty much gone when I left that appointment. I highly recommend Antje and the wonderful gift that she shares.”

Tracy C., Client

“In this life, we are all given our crosses to bear to help us grow. About a year and a half ago, I was dealt mine, thru a traumatic life event. My life became stagnant. I was emotionally unavailable to everyone, and unable to move on to fulfill my life path. Nothing I would do for myself was helping me cope or grasp a sense of wellbeing and internal peace. After giving the idea a lot of thought, I decided to pursue the help of a gifted medium.

I am very weary and particular with whom I confide, therefore thru much research, I had been blessed to come across Antje. Antje is very direct and does not beat around the bush with the information she receives from your guides- I trust her implicitly. My reading with her gave me clear-cut answers, direction, and has been the catalyst in helping me create peace and happiness in my daily life. I don’t end my day in tears anymore.

To be a recipient of Antje’s gift is an absolute life changing privilege. If you have the opportunity to work with her, you have my word- I fervently suggest you do… Antje is a rare Earth angel.”

Lydia G., Client

“A couple months ago, I scheduled an appointment with Antje, who is a wonderfully talented Medium and energy worker. My first session with her was for an intuitive reading. I specifically wanted to know if I was following the life path I’m meant to and also find out about what other topics came up from my loved ones and guides. The messages Antje delivered and the incredible insight she provided to me are spot on with what is currently happening in my life, they validated that I was on the right track, and gave me clear direction on where I needed to head in the future. She describes in great detail the information she is being shown so that you can understand it in a way that really hits home and take action to course correct as needed. Since that reading, I’ve also started to see Antje on a monthly basis for an energetic tune-up. From balancing and clearing blockages in the chakras and energy fields, to providing life path guidance through messages, I walk out of her office feeling lighter, having gained clarity on what’s weighing me down and an actionable plan for the areas to work on. The knowledge I gain from our sessions have truly been life changing for me — this is not an exaggeration — and I’m always looking forward to our next session!  As I believe the highest compliments we can give someone are references and referrals, I wanted to take the time to do just that. :)”

Susan Torbitt, Client

“As someone who had never had energy work before, I was a little nervous. That feeling completely dissipated the second I entered Antje’s sanctuary. To say my first session was a life changer is an understatement. I felt positive energy shifts in every direction. Antje is powerful, ethical and extremely gifted.  I can’t recommend her services highly enough!”

Allison Herrington, Client

“I had the pleasure of first meeting Antje at a Psychic Sampler. She gently touched on different areas of my life and connected with passed loved ones. I was so moved, impressed and reassured, I wanted to share the experience with others. Instead of a traditional holiday party for my employees, I gave the gift of her priceless insight to my employees. They were as amazed and grateful as I was. She told them things she had no way of knowing. She provided guidance in their careers and relationships that they needed to hear. Not what they wanted to hear. Antje is a wonderful life coach. So kind and positive. I can whole-heartedly recommend her. I know I will come back :-)”

Laurie Boutin, Client

“I had the pleasure of a reading with Antje Bourdages several months ago. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt at ease and spiritually nurtured. Antje was warm, very professional and clear about her role as liaison between the spirit world and ours. She made sure the expectations were calibrated prior to the reading.

During the reading, Antje was able to communicate with several key people in my life that had passed on. As she had no knowledge of these individuals prior to our visit, it was very moving to know they were truly in the room with us. In one particular situation, she was able to convey a message to a family member of a young man that had passed on (someone close to one of my children) that in hindsight, resonated in a way that was able to bring comfort and healing that had eluded the family member left behind for the past 6 years. This was beyond my expectations and the joy it brought to the living was something I will never forget, and always be grateful to Antje for.

Subsequent readings she’s done with family members and friends of mine have been almost unanimously moving, bringing forward messages that resonate clearly with the individual having the reading with Antje and leaving them with peace and joy in their hearts knowing their loved one is still very much by their side.

If you are seeking a reading with a professional, skilled and warm medium, Antje is among the best. Highly recommended and dearly appreciated!”

Paige Farmer, Client