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Psychic Medium Readings

Psychic Medium Readings

Psychic Medium Readings Provide Clarity

Generally speaking, a psychic can sense a person’s energy, discern past and future events as well as offer insight into a person’s personal programming and challenges. A Medium acts as an intermediary, or conduit, between a living person and their deceased loved ones and spirit guides. I lean heavily toward the Medium side of things, but can also discern current life situations and offer insight to situational challenges and provide valuable insight from the other side.

“Antje is like gold! During my reading she was dead accurate. She said things no one knows and she helped me fill in the blanks of my generational history. And her Reiki sessions have strengthened me to stand in my truth, my greatness, and to understand and protect my energy. I fully recommend Antje to anyone!”

Rosjke Hasseldine • Client

I accept cash, check or credit card. Gift Certificates are available. Telephonic, email, Skype and in-person readings available upon request.  Private bookings for gallery or group readings available at your event, home and/or business are subject to separate rates according to location, duration of event and number of people to be read.  Contact me for more information regarding booking events.

May I bring a friend or family members to my reading?2018-12-14T20:21:50-05:00

Absolutely. However, you must have absolutely trust in the person you are bringing, as sensitive information may come up which you may not want others to be privy to. Also, if you do bring friends or loved ones with you, it is possible that information could come through for them as well, and could detract from your time.

How often may I schedule a reading?2018-12-14T20:21:20-05:00

I would suggest being read no more than 4 times per year. While it is comforting to connect with your loved ones, both they and I want you out there living your lives and having the experiences you were meant to have. Sometimes, too much information is a bad thing.

What should I bring to my reading?2018-12-14T20:19:08-05:00

I would suggest bringing a paper and pen to write any information down. You may also bring a digital recording device if you wish. You may also bring personal objects or photographs for me to hold in order to facilitate a connection. However, if you do bring photographs, I would ask that you bring them sealed in an envelope.

What can I do to prepare for a reading?2018-12-14T20:19:31-05:00

There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for a reading! I would suggest that about a week before your reading you start to remember your loved ones through recollection of memories and conversation with living family members and friends. You can also start to talk to your deceased loved ones, letting them know that you’d like to connect with them. Of course, there is no guarantee that the specific loved one you wish to connect with will come through, but talking to them and recollecting memories will serve to draw them in closer to you, thus making a connection easier.

What is a Group Reading?2018-12-14T20:20:02-05:00

In a group reading session I will come to your home, office or other venue, and sit with and read for each person individually, based on the amount of time booked prior to the event.

What is a Gallery Reading?2018-12-14T20:20:18-05:00

A gallery reading is a reading for a group of people who are all together in one room. In this setting not every attendee is guaranteed to be read, as the deceased ones decide who they want to connect with and for how long.

What can I expect during a reading?2018-12-14T20:20:34-05:00

Readings are conducted in a warm and comforting environment and you and I will sit across from each other like two friends sitting in one of our living rooms, having a conversation. Depending how I’m led by Spirit, I will usually give you a short description of how I receive information. I’ll then sit quietly for a moment to connect with your Guides and loved ones and then will begin to share the information that is being given. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions once I’m done giving information and I would strongly recommend that you write your questions out in advance and bring them with you. That way, your mind can be free to listen to the information instead of worrying about what you want to ask

30 Minute Session ~ $175

60 Minute Session ~ $250

I accept cash, check or credit card.

Gift Certificates are Available

Failure to cancel an appointment within twenty four (24) hours of your appointment time will result in being charged for the full session. Rates are subject to change.

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