Real Estate Clearings for Agents

Real Estate Clearings for Agents

Real Estate Clearings for Agents

Are you currently listing a property and having trouble “moving” it?  Perhaps your new buyers are experiencing unexplained activity in their new home.  Sometimes properties will fall into trouble due to energetic and spiritual reasons.  While you routinely make sure the property is in good, marketable physical condition, you might be missing one piece of the puzzle.  Having a property energetically and/or spiritually cleared by a qualified and trained medium can make all the difference in the world of selling a property and ensuring happy home owners.


While paranormal activity is the primary reason a homeowner might choose to have their property spiritual or energetically cleared, is not the only reason. Souls who have not yet crossed over, disruptive and/or disharmonious energies can manifest in a number of ways, in varying degrees of severity. If you or your sellers (or buyers) answer “yes” to any of the following questions, or if your clients are experiencing paranormal phenomena, you should consider having the property cleared by a qualified and trained Medium:

Has the property been on the market or left vacant for a significant period of time or been foreclosed upon?

Has a violent death or other tragedy occurred at the property?

Was the property used as a rental prior to the sale?

Were the former residents of the property addicted to drugs or alcohol?

Is the property being conveyed as part of a divorce?

Does the property come furnished with used furniture or antiques?  Are there other people’s belongings still stored at the property?

Did the previous owners/occupants have a serious physical or mental illness?

Has the property recently undergone construction and/or renovation?  Is construction or renovation planned?

Is the property experiencing unexplained water or electrical problems?

Negative and/or disruptive energy or souls who have not yet crossed can also be attracted to or flow into homes that have a close physical proximity to certain types of property.

Is the property:

Next to a lot of power lines?

By a hospital, mental institution or nursing home?

Near a school?

In the vicinity of a prison?

My promise to you is to treat you, your properties and clients discreetly and professionally, with the utmost dignity and respect.  While I realize that we are living in a paranormal pop-culture world, I do not approach my work in a pop-culture fashion. It’s my job to clear property to release any uncrossed souls or energetic blocks that are either hindering a sale or causing issues for new buyers, not to sensationalize what’s happening.

In addition to clearing the property, proper techniques for future self-protection will be offered at the conclusion of the clearing.  This will provide you and your clients with the tools needed to keep the residence peaceful.

Rates are $250 per clearing, plus travel expenses if outside a 15 mile radius of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

I accept cash, check or credit card.

Gift Certificates are Available

Failure to cancel an appointment within twenty four (24) hours of your appointment time will result in being charged for the full session. Rates are subject to change.